Fair Work Act changes could hit brokers

by Mackenzie McCarty19 Feb 2013

A top broker has said changes to the Fair Work Act could be troublesome for brokers, and aren't tailored to the needs of small business owners.

Minister for employment and workplace relations, Bill Shorten, has confirmed the government’s next set of changes to the Act, saying it will largely focus on ‘flexibility for modern families’.

“Helping families with work and family balance, changes to parental leave to provide more flexibility to new parents and a requirement for employers to consider the impact of major change on employees’ family and care responsibilities – these are the signature changes we will soon bring before the Parliament.”

However, Acuity Funding managing director, Ranjit Thambyrajah, told Australian Broker that while, for the most part, he’s happy with the ideologies behind the new regulations, he’s concerned they may not be realistic for brokers and other small business-owners.

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  • by Country Broker 19/02/2013 11:29:03 AM

    Simple solution to all of this run director only /employee companies , and if need be outsource the processing , paying a fee is simpler and easier than having employees for most brokers especially with technology as developed as it is.
    , It is getting harder and harder to employ people in this industry , the majority of brokers are 1 to 3 director companies with perhaps family employed as PAYG employees and I suspect that may stay the same if these types of reforms get up .

  • by PeterT 19/02/2013 11:39:54 AM

    In theory these changes make for a better workplace culture. In reality they simply push employers to casual or contract staff and people who are outside of child bearing age. It puts employees in a position with less job security and fewer rights.

  • by Broker 19/02/2013 12:49:24 PM

    Which in reality, just equates to more unnecessary interference from this Government