Fair Work Act changes could hit brokers

by Mackenzie McCarty19 Feb 2013
Similarly, he says the extension of unpaid parental leave ‘sounds very good’ - so long as the government takes into account the size of the employer and the number of employees an organisation might have.

“In our industry, the number staff per organisation may not allow for permitting this level of flexibility while ensuring proper service being delivered to the end client.”

Furthermore, Thambyrajah says he dislikes the term ‘right to…’

“It is very finite and leaves the employer very exposed to having to comply with uneconomical outcomes. It is my personal experience that in a good workplace there is sufficient opportunities for employers and employees to work together to deliver a good working environment, whereby the employees needs are well considered and where possible accommodated.”

He says it’s in every good business person’s best interest to ensure that their staff are well catered for.

“Time lost through staff changes and recruitments have a great impact on the productivity of the business and it is in the business’ interest to ensure that they minimise staff turnover. At Acuity, all our staff have been with us for many years - including both mothers and single dads. At no time have we had to say ‘no’ to their preferred working hours or their request for parental leave. Having said this, I’m blessed with staff that take their responsibilities seriously and have not exploited the freedom we offer them.”

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  • by Country Broker 19/02/2013 11:29:03 AM

    Simple solution to all of this run director only /employee companies , and if need be outsource the processing , paying a fee is simpler and easier than having employees for most brokers especially with technology as developed as it is.
    , It is getting harder and harder to employ people in this industry , the majority of brokers are 1 to 3 director companies with perhaps family employed as PAYG employees and I suspect that may stay the same if these types of reforms get up .

  • by PeterT 19/02/2013 11:39:54 AM

    In theory these changes make for a better workplace culture. In reality they simply push employers to casual or contract staff and people who are outside of child bearing age. It puts employees in a position with less job security and fewer rights.

  • by Broker 19/02/2013 12:49:24 PM

    Which in reality, just equates to more unnecessary interference from this Government