Family first: Niti Bhargava launches GB Financiials with vision for community

Broker departs franchise model, keeps aggregator

Family first: Niti Bhargava launches GB Financiials with vision for community


By Ryan Johnson

After a successful career within a broker franchise, Niti Bhargava has embarked on a new chapter with the launch of her own mortgage brokerage firm, GB Financiials.

The name holds special meaning, with "GB" representing the initials of her two children, making this venture a deeply personal one.

Bhargava (pictured above) is joined by her husband Varun as co-founder, and the couple is actively building a team to complement their vision. Notably, Bhargava will maintain her affiliation with SFG, expressing her deep appreciation for their unwavering support.

“Ready to write a new chapter of success, celebrations, milestones and an exciting journey in new financial year 2025 with my partner in crime, Varun Bhargava,” Bhargava said.

“Exciting times ahead.”

A Desire for Restructuring and Community Focus

The decision to launch GB Financiials stemmed from a desire for a fresh start.

“I just wanted to restructure my business,” said Bhargava, who previously was a director in Resolve Finance Derrimut in the suburbs of Melbourne.

“In near future, we are thinking to combine other businesses with our broking business as well.  So, a fresh start from a fresh perspective was required.”

While Bhargava may be restructuring, she still retained her aggregator, SFG, and is “very grateful” for their support.

“Their commitment, appreciation and involvement in my business is unwavering,” she said. “I am truly privileged to continue being an SFG member and I look forward to what’s next.”

The importance of a strong support network

While driven by passion and a strong support network, Bhargava acknowledges the challenges of starting a new venture, with the process demanding significant mental and physical resilience.

She urges brokers who may be considering a similar path of self-employment beyond franchise models to reach deep within their network.

“To be able to cope up with many changes has definitely taken a big toll on my physical and mental health,” said Bhargava.

“When you are starting something with highest level of passion, commitment and love, you still need to reinforce that self-confidence, can-do attitude and rock-solid determination within you.”

However, she stressed that brokers don’t have to do it alone.

“Look around and you will see many supporters around you,” she said. 

“I am so proud that this industry has given me lifetime friendships, connections and supporters who were always there for me. Grateful for my journey so far and hopeful for a successful year ahead.”

Community first, ethical lending

Bhargava envisioned a space to not only offer traditional mortgage services but also potentially integrate other financial services in the future.

More importantly, GB Financiials is built on a core value proposition: "Community First, Ethical Lending."

Bhargava has a long history of supporting her community, particularly in areas such as female empowerment, broker health and wellbeing, and financial literacy for migrants.

“Becoming a voice for migrant life means sharing stories that often go unheard, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs who leave everything behind in search of better opportunities like I did many years ago,” Bhargava said after attending a recent industry event.

This commitment will continue to be a cornerstone of her new business.

“I have always taken pride in supporting my community in every possible way and hope to continue to push the industry to give back and do better.”

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