Far out Friday: 5 best financial board games of all time

In a screen-focused world, it's easy to forget how much fun the old-fashioned board game can be. This weekend, break out the cardboard boxes and roll the dice for some fun - and educational - bonding time




1. The Game of Life

What it is: This one’s a classic, but practice makes perfect in the game of Life. Earn ‘life tiles’ by doing good deeds and try marriage, kids, student loans - or join the work force and collect on payday. Will you go bankrupt, or earn millions in stock and real estate?

Ages: 9+


2. Monopoly

What it is: We probably don’t need to explain this one, but in case you’ve never spent a long family weekend at your great aunt Ruth’s place, fighting with cousin Spencer over who gets to use the battleship token, here’s how it works: Based on the purchase of Atlantic City real estate, players scoot the tokens around the board, buying and selling property in a bid to earn the most cash. This is capitalism at its most fun - and most ruthless.

Ages: 8+


3. Cashflow

What it is: Created by the author of well-known financial guidance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, Cashflow allows players to practice real world investing, learn the differences between an asset and a liability, plan your strategy with ‘opportunity cards’ that include big and small deals. You choose your dream, learn the secrets of the rich, and get on the financial fast track – or just help make Kiyosaki even richer by buying the game in the first place.

Ages: 14+


4. Careers

What it is: Careers debuted in the 1950s. Choose your own personal success formula (Fame, Fortune or Happiness) and decide which combination of careers will help you make it come true.

Ages: 8+


5. Grass

What it is: Ok, maybe not one for the kids, but fun none-the-less. This cutthroat game pits players against each other in a race to peddle cards totalling $250,000 worth of marijuana. During the course of the game, players get busted, fined and ripped off. The object of the game is put as many money cards on the table as possible before the hand ends when someone plays a ‘Market Close’ card. While you’re trying to do that, other players are putting ‘the heat’ on, playing ‘Steal Your Neighbour’s Pot’ cards on your big deals, or you can become ‘Sold Out’, ‘Double Crossed’ or even ‘Utterly Wiped Out’. The game is addictive, but it is also fast paced, exciting, strategy based, and fiercely competitive.

Ages: 18+

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