Far Out Friday: Dodgy real estate photography

by Adam Smith20 Feb 2015
Real estate agents aren't always the best photographers. How many times have you clicked on a promising property on Domain to find a single, grainy thumbnail photo that appears to have been taken by a 10-year-old flip phone?

Now there's a repository for all the horrendous real estate agent photos out there. The Daily Mail reports that Aberdeen resident Andy Donaldson decided to aggregate all the terrible real estate pictures he'd come across. Some of the gems include a house with a toilet in the utility cupboard, a picture of a lounge room prominently featuring the owner napping on the couch and a dog who decided the photo bomb the agent.

Donaldson's site, initially set up to amuse he and his friends, managed to draw 100,000 visits a day. Donaldson has now put the photos together as a book called Terrible Estate Agent Photos. The book is due for a U.S. release in April, and Donaldson is in the process of producing a 2016 calendar for release in Canada, the UK and Australia.

To see some of the photographic abominations, CLICK HERE