Far Out Friday: Foreclosed home not such a good deal

by AB21 Nov 2014
A man who purchased a Florida home at a foreclosure auction in the United States made an appalling discovery in his newly acquired property. He found a dead body.

According to News-Press.com, William Wilson found the body of what is believed to be the previous owner in the master bedroom beside the bed. Authorities said the previous owner had been missing since late 2011 and suspect the body has been there for at least three years.

Wilson purchased the home on SE 19th Lane at auction Tuesday for $96,000. According to Zillow, the house includes three bedroom and two baths.

The Cape Coral Police Department said they had checked the vacant home twice last year and noted it appeared to look OK. Wilson said the most recent piece of mail at the house was from November 2011 and the house had three years of unpaid taxes.

The News-Press also reported: "The corpse was on the floor of the master bedroom next to the bed. Longtime neighbors say an older woman from Miami last lived at the home with her sister, but they hadn't seen or heard from her for several years. Some thought she moved, others said she just disappeared. Outside, the grass grew long and the community speculated. Inside, Wilson said all that remained were bones, skin and the smell of remains."