Far Out Friday: Landlord discovers bomb wired to light switch

by Julia Corderoy27 Mar 2015
A landlord discovered a bomb wired to explode when a light switch was flipped a week after the former tenants moved out of his property in Massachusetts, USA.

The owner of the home had an electrician come in for a routine check after his most recent tenants — a couple with a daughter — had moved out the weekend before after living there since June, The Boston Globe reports.

The electrician, Francois Charlotin Jr. said he was checking outlets and switches in the Milton, Massachusetts home when he saw the wire, prompting him to alert the homeowner. He described his work as routine, but that the wire was unusual enough to raise a red flag. His discovery may have prevented the device from eventually going off.

The Boston Globe reports that Charlotin’s find led police to the device, plastered into a bedroom closet and wired to explode when a light switch was flipped in the single-family home. A bomb squad safely disarmed the device, which authorities described as a plastic jug filled with accelerant.