Far out Friday: Sex sells

by Mackenzie McCarty30 Aug 2013

The term ‘property porn’ was taken to a whole new level earlier this week when local media pounced on an advertisement for a Sydney housing development, complete with a fully naked young woman splashed across their website (see the ad below).

Samadi Developments, who describe themselves as a ‘small family business’ and ‘one of the longest established and most respected private companies in the industry’, told News Ltd reporters that the ad was intended to be eye-catching.

“Our marketing company decided the building would be very beautiful and wanted to reflect that with a beautiful female body," said Sam Elbanna from CPM Realty. "People looking for developments online are looking for something a little bit out there."

Here's the ad that's caused all the fuss:

While the jury’s still out as to whether the photo meets legal requirements – nudity alone doesn’t breach Australia’s advertising standards code, providing it’s non-sexualised and relates to the product it’s selling (debatable, in this case) – we’re left wondering when the male edition might be coming out? By way of inspiration, Australian Broker would like to offer the following advertisement for a building supply store in San Francisco: