Far out Friday: Something to drink to

Some of the comments we got yesterday had us worried that our readership may be spending too much time tippling. Thankfully, a bit of research has put our minds at ease



Jon Denovan’s pronouncement yesterday that the solution to brokers’ problems ‘might be to drink more’ – and the overwhelmingly positive response it received – got us a little worried: Are our readers all alcoholics?

Thankfully, some not-so-extensive research shows that brokers are no more likely than most other members of - *hiccup - society to overindulge. In case you were wondering, here are the seventeen jobs most likely to be held by alcoholics (one = the most likely):

17 – Rubbish collector

16 – Advertiser

15 – Carpet installer

14 – Gardener

13 – Surveyor

12 – Farmer

11 – Amusement park attendant

10 – Concrete finisher

9 – Musician

8 – Drywall installer

7 – Construction labourer

6 – Sailor

5 – Chef/cook

4 – Painter

3 – Roofer

2 – Show machine operator

1 – Bartender

So, as you can see, no mention of brokers (or - *hiccup - journalists!). Now that’s something to celebrate. Cheers, guys and happy Friday!

*Source: Business Insider Report

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