Far Out Friday: The penitent pilferer

by AB04 Jul 2014
A burglar who stole money from a British pub has had a change of heart ... 22 years later.

The BBC has reported a woman involved in a 1992 smash-and-grab theft from a cigarette machine at the Swettenham Arms in Cheshire, England, has written a letter of apology to owner Francis Cunningham.

"I did not realise the seriousness of my actions at the time. I had been through a lot and had no idea where to get help," the repentant robber wrote.

Moreover, talk being cheap and all, the unidentified burglar enclosed a cheque for £100.

For her part, Cunningham said she has only the "vaguest memories" of the incident, and plans to meet the woman for coffee. As for the £100 restitution, Cunningham said she will donate it to a church.