Far out Friday: What were these real estate agents thinking?

by 31 Jan 2014

From blood-stained carpets to geese in the rafters, we bring you a collection of real estate agent photos from agents who clearly hate their jobs... or just aren't very good at them.

We've all heard stories of overexaggerated creative photo angles that make bedrooms seem twice their actual size or "forget" to include the giant hole in the back wall... but these snaps take creative to a whole new level.

Terrible real estate photographs is a collection of "inexplicably bad property photographs". Here's our pick of the best... or the worst... or the best of the worst. Enjoy!

1) Lovely apartment, but unfortunately a recent restraining order prevents the agent being seen within 500m of the building...

2) Where did they go? And are they still in the house?

3) The agency does not take responsibility for any potentially missing or broken pieces...

4) 'No, it's fine. Stay there and it won't look like the most preposterous photo ever taken.' 

5) It was a mistake to leave the furniture and appliances alone without locking the wine cellar..

6) Ah, the parties we used to have... Do you remember the one when we murdered everybody?

7) In the Midwest it’s not unusual for real estate agents to conduct viewings on horseback.

8) Something about this picture suggests a certain lack of confidence in that stove...

9) Agent gives up sales in favour of documenting an accident involving some brown sludge.

10) Wishing you a half-hearted Christmas and a faintly disappointing New Year...

And, last but not least...

11) There’s an old proverb about having a dead goose in the rafters of your house...

OK, no there isn’t.


  • by Arnie 31/01/2014 10:20:26 AM

    There's a great oxymoron, Real Estate Agents - Thinking.