Favourite things... Greg Charlwood

by BN20 Apr 2012

Bibby Financial Services' greg Charlwood reveals what makes him tick outside of the office

Food: Indian. I’m a real Indophile. I’m extremely lucky to be a director of an Indian finance company so I get to go there a few times each year.

Drink: VB when I’m with my mates at the pub; gin and tonic in a tall glass with lots of ice and fresh lime on a hot day.

Movie: I can’t go past Forrest Gump. Everybody loves to see a battler succeed.

Book: Churchill’s biography by Roy Jenkins. A really well-balanced book about the 20th century’s greatest man.

Music: Steely Dan – because I love the mix of blues, jazz and soft rock.

Celebrity: Jim Carrey – a seriously funny guy.

Vacation spot: Nelson Bay, NSW. It’s unpretentious and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Hobby: Fishing