FBAA gives brokers an exhortation

Following the drought, bushfires and now coronavirus, MD Peter White has called brokers to action

FBAA gives brokers an exhortation


By Madison Utley

Given the “continual negative news” that has marked 2020, FBAA managing director Peter White AM has called on brokers to check in on one another.

With the drought, bushfires and now COVID-19 keeping the media and public conversation focused on negativity and disaster for a long time, White highlighted that brokers’ mental health may be suffering.

“We know that many brokers have been personally impacted over the past year by these issues, and many have had family members who have struggled,” he said.

“The continual cycle of gloom and pessimism from the wider community, sorting out client problems, and the current need for more personal isolation, is not a healthy mix.”

Calling brokers “a close-knit family”, White said it’s crucial those in the industry are asking each other “R U OK?”

“The FBAA has placed a large emphasis on mental health over many years, because while our members are brokers, first and foremost they are people,” said White.

“I want every broker to know that we are here for them, but I’d like them to also know that their colleagues are looking out for them.

“There will always be challenges, and we can get though the current season as long as we remember to look after each other.” 

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