FBAA hosts Zero Male Suicide event

Seminar on International Men's Day

FBAA hosts Zero Male Suicide event


By Ryan Johnson

In response to the recent rise in suicides within the industry, the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has decided to host a webinar called Zero Male Suicide on International Men's Day.

The webinar will be livestreamed on Friday, November 17, from 10.30am to 11.30am AEDT, and will feature a keynote address from Ollie Ollerton (pictured above right), former UK special forces member and star of the TV show SAS Australia.

FBAA managing director Peter White AM (pictured above left) said while the conversation was essential at all times of the year, it had reached another level of importance over the past couple of months.

“We have lost too many of our industry family to suicide and therefore it’s so important we stay connected, understand the challenges, and be prepared to meet those challenges with the support of our friends and family around us,” said White, who is also the industry mental health awareness ambassador.

 “We can’t shy away into that black hole which can so easily suck us in and whereby there is near no escape.”

“We need to fundamentally support each other and our challenges with mental health and for those impacted themselves by these challenges push ourselves – yes me included – to reach out to those we trust to help talk us through what’s going on.”

Why the FBAA made this event

While suicide affects everyone, it disproportionately impacts men, with a significantly higher rate of suicide among males.

Each day in Australia, an average of 8.6 people die by suicide, surpassing the number of road fatalities, according to the ABS data. Among those who choose to end their lives, a staggering 75% are men.

White said now more than ever is the time for the industry to listen and offer support.

“Those who are entrusted with these conversations, listen, be connected, be understanding, have no judgements, be a mate and help us through our darkest times,” White said.

White hoped the continued awareness of the mental health and physical health challenges men go through would remain “in the forefront of our minds and conversations”.

“I want us to be inspired by others who have made it through dark times and take strength and encouragement from those who inspire us,” White said.

“Don’t shy away into a dark hole hiding from the challenges you face; reach out to someone you trust and are close too and talk about what’s going on. We’re a family, we need to support one another all the time – it’s the quietest of us who maybe suffering the most.”

You can book tickets for the FBAA International Men’s Day event through the following link: https://fbaaevents.eventsair.com/fbaa-international-mens-day-2023/fbaa2023

Following the FBAA Zero Male Suicide event, the industry has also banded together to create a similar seminar called MANtalk.

MANtalk will be held online and at the AMP Bank event space in Melbourne on December 8.

To get help today, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 a Beyond Blue counsellor on 1300 224 636.

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