Feature launches to connect brokers and borrowers

by Rebecca Pike14 Feb 2019

A property site has launched a service to connect borrowers with mortgage brokers at the time they search for their home.

Realty.com.au now has a section on its listings site where home buyers can search for mortgage brokers in their suburbs.

It also offers a featured broker opportunity, where mortgage brokers will be suggested when a prospective buyer searches for property in their area.

The service was opened up on 1 February and realty.com.au sales director Adam Crocker said the group has been very encouraged by the response, with early adopters securing more than 100 suburbs.

Maintaining that brokers would continue to be a resource, Crocker added, “Given that 60% of home loans originate from a broker, we see brokers as an important component of the home buying ecosystem.

“As banks close branches and increasingly lose connection with their customers, brokers are becoming the only face of the banking system for the average family. As a challenger brand, realty.com.au is focused on engagement and service, to ensure we delivering maximum value to our consumers and partners.

“By integrating local brokers into realty.com.au, we believe we are delivering value to both the broker and the home buying.”

Crocker said that in a time of uncertainty they were hoping to make it easier for brokers to grow their personal brand on the website and secure as many active buyers as possible before legislative changes come in.

“If trailing revenues are negatively impacted, brokers will need low cost, high yield marketing channels such as realty.com.au to sustain viability,” he said.

“Product and service providers need to evolve their marketing to keep pace with an evolving consumer. Brokers need to embrace new technologies and marketing channels to ensure they can efficiently deliver their service to their target audience.

“Attracting new customers often involves using new channels as one would assume using the same methods would simply reach the same consumers. Once you have reached a point of saturation, then the only way to grow is through new channels.

“Additionally, channels that have worked previously are not certain to always be as effective in the future, for example, those that relied only on print media, would now be reaching a diminished audience as print readership continues to decline. Marketing evolves.”