Finsure to team up with NextGen.Net to halve processing time

Document uploads, data processing and more could be slashed by new partnership

Finsure to team up with NextGen.Net to halve processing time


By Mike Wood

Major aggregator Finsure is to enter into a partnership with loan processing experts to offer brokers a new tech solution for processing documents.

It is estimated that this new system will halve the amount of time that it takes for a customer’s information to be processed.

Finsure are currently using their own cloud-based CRM, Infynity, and NextGen will step in to smooth the processes that require brokers to upload and download documents.

Under the current system, a broker must upload a document to Infynity, then download it again, then upload it again alongside an attachment to the ApplyOnline feature.

Now, thanks to the new system with NextGen, they will only need to upload them once, in a manner similar to an email attachment. Customers will be able to upload their personal documents to Infynity themselves and the new tech will integrate with the customer portal.

NextGen.Net national Customer Account Executive Greg Phillips said: “NextGen.Net work collaboratively with Finsure to ensure our systems talk to each other in a highly sophisticated manner to eliminate double handling and streamline the process from Point of Sale all the way to the lender’s approval.”

“NextGen.Net and Finsure share the same vision to digitise and streamline the entire mortgage lending process.”

Simon Bednar, General Manager of Finsure Group, said: “This new piece of technology will enable the documents to be sent concurrently – similar to email attachments – and appear automatically in ApplyOnline.”

“That’s where NextGen.Net and Finsure work really well together. Our customer portal will allow customers to upload their documents on behalf of the broker. The broker will immediately see the documents in Infynity, confirm they’re correct and hit a button to send them to ApplyOnline along with the application data.”

“We keep our platform open to allow brokers to be a little bit more fluid in how they collect the data; and the idea of them sending it to NextGen.Net is great for me because they effectively become the quality insurer and checker that allows our system to be efficient and accurate – so when it goes to the lender the data is complete. From a strategic partnership perspective that’s powerful.”

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