Finsure unveils new referral opportunity for brokers

High-net-worth avenue announced

Finsure unveils new referral opportunity for brokers


By Mina Martin

Finsure, part of ASX-listed diversified financial services business MA Financial Group, has announced a new opportunity for brokers.

Finsure is offering its brokers an investment vehicle, allowing them to refer their high-net-worth clients, with at least $1 million in liquid assets, to the mortgage broker aggregator’s parent company’s multi-billion-dollar asset management division.

The client referral avenue, announced at an event hosted by MA Financial with 50 Finsure brokers in Sydney, is set to be rolled out to brokers nationwide.

“This is great for our brokers as successful referrers are rewarded financially, providing an additional income stream,” Finsure CEO Simon Bednar (pictured above) said.

“This also enables brokers to increase the range of financial solutions for their clients, enhancing their capacity as a highly trusted financial strategist. It’s also beneficial for MA Financial and highlights the synergies between Finsure and MA Financial.”

Chris Wyke, Joint CEO of MA Financial, said Finsure had flourished since it was acquired by MA Financial from BNK Banking Corporation for $145m in 2021.

“Finsure has recorded significant year-on-year growth, and its broker network has expanded to more than 2,850 members, including many industry-leading brokerages,” Wyke said.

“MA Financial is seeking more ways to assist Finsure brokers. We already support the Commissions Now initiative which enables brokers to access their commissions up to 90 days earlier than before and we believe connecting Finsure brokers with select MA Financial clients will be beneficial to all parties involved.”

Bednar said MA Financial’s strong financial position has provided exciting opportunities for Finsure brokers.

“Our partnership with MA Financial has been an absolute game-changer for Finsure through its access to capital, credit, and lending capabilities and technology expertise,” he said. “Accelerating Finsure’s growth and providing additional value for our expanding broker network is always our priority.”

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