Firstmac after party to be held at FBAA event

The founder of the non-bank has made the decision after the MFAA switched from a national to a state-based conference plan

Firstmac after party to be held at FBAA event



Firstmac has announced that its nationally-renowned after party will now be held at the Finance Brokers Association of Australia’s (FBAA’s) national conference.

This marks a dramatic change as the event had been held at the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia’s (MFAA’s) national conference since the early-2000’s.

Firstmac founder and managing director Kim Cannon said the decision was made after the MFAA switched to state-based conferences in 2016.

“They’ve cut out things like the annual conference,” he told Australian Broker. “One of the things that annoyed me about that is the annual conference was an industry-wide event and not just a broker event.”

“It was an annual get together of the industry to talk shop and if brokers did turn up you could network with the various brokers and mortgage managers that were there,” he said.

“The MFAA is an industry association. Somewhere along the line, somebody’s decided it’s purely there for the brokers and no one else.”

For this year, the same “legendary” Firstmac After Party Band will come together for the occasion, Cannon said.

“It’ll start at 11 o’clock and finish at 5 in the morning. The band’s booked and we’re just figuring out where to get a venue that allows us to have the music up loud all night.”

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