Five TED Talks to detox from a hard week

Experts share how to boost productivity, leadership and happiness – messages more relevant than ever given mounting anxieties of recent days

Five TED Talks to detox from a hard week


By Madison Utley

There’s nothing like a great motivational speech to lift your spirits – especially in times of uncertainty, whether within the industry in the face of incoming regulatory change, or with the world at large as COVID-19 (and the accompanying anxiety) continues to spread.

How do we manage stress? How do we use it as a tool, and how do we intentionally put it away to allow for decompression in our down time? How do we stay focused on the health of our businesses while worrying our own health may be at risk? How do we comfort and lead others while carrying burdens of our own?

For brokers looking for fresh insights and actionable encouragement, we’ve compiled five of the most inspiring and relevant TED Talks below.


5. How your brain’s executive function works – and how to improve it

4. How to turn off your work thoughts during your free time

3. The happy secret to better work

2. How to make stress your friend

1. How to speak so that people want to listen

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