Former flight attendant now helps people buy homes

Mortgage broker says both roles focus on customer service

Former flight attendant now helps people buy homes


By Jayden Fennell

At first glance, mortgage broking and being a flight attendant seem very different careers.

Not so, says Kanupriya (Priya) Sood (pictured above), who was an international flight attendant for three years but now works as a mortgage broker for Cinch Loans.

“I have found some crossover between the two industries,” Sood told Australian Broker. “Both are customer-centric in terms of dealing with clients, providing a service (whether that be on the ground or in the sky).

“Every passenger/client has a different story, so you can apply the same principles as a flight stewardess to mortgage broking, provided you do not cross the professional line. You need to spend the time getting to know their story, what their goals and objectives are and help them by achieving them together.”

Sood was based in Singapore and worked as a flight attendant from 2010 to 2013. She said her favourite thing about the role was getting paid to travel, explore different countries and cities and talk to different people all over the world.

“I used to love travelling before becoming a flight stewardess, so when I got the opportunity to join the Singapore Airlines team, I thought it was the best thing to ever happen to me,” Sood said.

“Learning about different cultures and communities was amazing. I was in this role pre-COVID-19, before the industry was heavily affected. For someone who loves travelling, a role like this is a great opportunity to see the world.”

Sood said she did struggle with working around the clock.

“I would be rostered on for different flights at different times, which affects your body clock long-term, plus takes a toll on your physical and mental health. I was always flying back and forward between time zones. On average, I was on 15 international flights per month, so the feeling of fatigue and sleep deprivation was a regular occurrence.”


Sood decided in 2013 it was time to give up her career as a flight stewardess, so she relocated to Melbourne to spend time with her husband.

“I wanted to spend more time with my husband and family rather than maintaining a long-distance marriage, which is why I decided to leave aviation and make the move. When I arrived, I took three or four months off to explore potential career options, which was where I was introduced to mortgage broking,” she said.

“I was previously working in a people-orientated business, so one thing led to another. My husband had a friend who was a broker who had just started his own brokerage, so I learnt more about the role and mortgage industry from him, which is where I decided this was something I wanted to do, so I joined his team.”

Sood joined Melbourne brokerage Cinch Loans and said she learnt the back end of the business first, different lender policies and how to structure a client’s loan.

“I have found this industry is all about building relationships, which clicked very quickly, making it very appealing to make the career switch I both wanted and needed,” she said.

Sood said she experienced weekly career highlights as a mortgage broker.

“Every time I receive a call from a customer who is excited, happy or full with emotions, by knowing my team and I have helped change their life for the better is the best recognition for me as a broker. For all brokers out there, client satisfaction is priceless when they express their joy and happiness.”

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