Franchise launches branded asset finance arm

A major mortgage franchise has expanded its product offering to include a branded asset finance offering.



Major mortgage franchise Mortgage Choice has expanded its product offering to include a branded asset finance offering. 

Speaking about the launch of Mortgage Choice Asset Finance, the company’s general manager of product, Emma Dupont-Brown, said the new diversified offering made economic sense for the business. 

“Industry data from Mildura Finance found, on average, 50% of home owners will look to purchase a vehicle six months after they buy a property,” she said. 

“And, when you consider that more than 50% of all home loans are now written through a mortgage adviser, it makes sense for brokers to tap into the world of asset finance.

“Throughout the home loan process, our brokers build great relationships with their customers, so they are in the perfect position to offer additional financial services and support – like asset finance.”

Dupont-Brown said Mortgage Choice is an advocate of the diversified business model. 

“At Mortgage Choice, we understand that 1 plus 1 can equal something more than 2 for our customers and stakeholders. As such, we will continue to concentrate on developing a multi-channel, multi-service hub that successfully caters to our customers’ growing financial needs,” she said. 

“Put simply, we want to be known for offering more than just mortgage advice. We want to remain relevant with our customers and we will do that by delivering a broad range of financial services.”

According to Ms Dupont-Brown, Mortgage Choice Asset Finance is a comprehensive service that offers customers access to more than 25 lenders, a national car buying service and a variety of insurance options. 

“Through Mortgage Choice Asset Finance, we are one-step closer to being a full financial services provider,” she said. 

“Furthermore, given that our new asset finance offering is Mortgage Choice branded, it will help us to stay top of mind with our customers and provide us with one more opportunity to put our brand in their hands.”

“When designing the Mortgage Choice Asset Finance offering, we knew we needed to leverage our brand. We wanted to show our customers that we can deliver any product through any channel at any time in their financial life.”

Looking ahead, Ms Dupont-Brown said she was bullish about the future success of the company’s new asset finance offering. 

“I am excited about the year ahead and know great things await Mortgage Choice. Everything we do has the customer at the centre,” she said. 

“We will continue to build long term relationships with our customers and provide them with the solutions, knowledge and choices they need to be able to make informed financial decisions and live a life of abundance.”

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