Free service to help you sell yourself better

by AB23 May 2014
The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia has announced a new free service to help its 10,300 members market themselves better.
The new measures include regular, professionally written content that members can load onto their websites, newsletters and social media to generate leads and keep their existing customers up to speed with the latest trends.
MFAA marketing and communications head Stephen Hale said many members are too busy or have no real background in marketing, so the association decided to offer support to make their promotional activities more effective.
“Our research shows that marketing for leads is generated by content and we want to ensure our members are armed with relevant and professionally written content every week,” he said.
The free support comes as part of annual membership and is ongoing, with the MFAA team offering input on marketing activities, creative, website evaluations and social media profiles reviews.
MFAA said the marketing support is one factor that sees it progressively lifting its membership numbers – up 9% over the last year.
“We are also launching new marketing campaigns for our commercial brokers from July, with an announcement of a referral alliance with one of the biggest membership organisations in Australia to also benefit our commercial finance members,” Hale said.


  • by Dave Robinson 23/05/2014 9:34:52 AM

    This has some merit but how come you haven't told your members about it? Why do I need to read this here first? Marketing and Communications, well this is the marketing part where is the communication part?

    Why is that the MFAA just keeps shooting itself in the foot each time. Another potentially great initiative lost in search for a mention in the media.

  • by Sticky Tape 23/05/2014 11:42:50 AM

    Another waste of resources by MFAA.

    Why oh why would anyone want something from the MFAA regarding how to help market your business, when they Can't even market themselves properly.

    It's like having a BDM at your aggregator, who couldn't be a successful broker, telling you how to run your business. Had one of them, totally useless.

    The best source of leads is from your last deal. Referrals from clients, the Only way to build a good business.

  • by Michael 24/05/2014 12:43:14 AM

    Will membership fees increase next year?