Google glasses set to put banking before our eyes

The popularity of mobile banking has skyrocketed in recent years - but lookout, smartphones, something new is about to hit a forehead near you



Last week, Australian Broker reported that the mortgage broking market is seeing an expansion in mobile technology, with lenders and software providers releasing broker-specific mobile apps – but it looks like things are about to get a lot more ‘face-on’.

Google’s ‘Project Glass’ could see Australians effectively wearing computers on their faces by as early as next year, according to tech website Macworld, as the corporation launches its digital glasses to consumers world-wide.

Wearers will be able to view videos and web pages via a screen placed in front of one eye, hanging on a frame similar to that which holds conventional glasses in place.

The New York Times has reported that computerised glasses could replace the smartphone over the next decade, a development which could see masses of Australians walking cross-eyed down city streets.

An anonymous Google employee has let slip that the company expects the device to comprise 3% of its total revenue by 2015 and private studies are already being held in San Francisco and New York in order for developers to start designing applications.

However, it’s understood that the impact this new invention is likely to have on traffic incidents has not yet been addressed.

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