Home ownership dream alive and well

Young Australians still dream of their own home but remain naïve on the power of cash savings

Home ownership dream alive and well



Approximately 42% of Australians aged 18 to 29 still live with their parents, yet 79% believe they will move into their own home one day, according to data from property co-ownership platform Kohab.

However, while they still dream of home ownership more than half of young Australians have less than $5,000 in the bank. In fact, 28% are buried in more than $5,000-worth of debt despite 46% having full-time jobs.

To help young Australians achieve their home-ownership dream, Kohab and property developer Dyldam recently partnered to enable aspiring home owners to purchase just half a property.  The development, Opera Merrylands Precinct, is located in the heart of western Sydney.

The partnership will allow buyers to receive a $10,000 discount on apartment prices, which also aims to “provide maximum affordability for investors and first-time home buyers.”

Kohab property co-ownership and CEO/co-founder David Dawson said, “Buying a property with someone else increases your chance of being approved even on just a portion of the loan.”



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