HomeStart offering for South Australian home buyers launched

The Australian-first offering makes homeownership more accessible and the process less daunting

HomeStart offering for South Australian home buyers launched


By Mina Martin

State-backed provider HomeStart has launched Home Buyer Ready, an Australian-first, free online education program designed to assist South Australians on their home-buying journey,

Home Buyer Ready is a series of self-paced online learning modules that provides comprehensive sets of information on every step of the home-buying process – from budgeting and saving for a deposit to affordability requirements, types of loans, pre-approvals, house-hunting, and building inspections.

“We’ve developed this for all South Australians to make homeownership more accessible and the process less daunting,” said Andrew Mills, HomeStart CEO. “Our research shows people find the steps to buying a home can be onerous and difficult to navigate so they start and stop the journey several times. In a rising market, these delays might ultimately cost them more or lead to missing out on the home they really want. People drop out for reasons including being unsure of their budget or price range, they’re not sure what to do next, or the words are confusing, and all this can make the whole process feel too difficult. Home Buyer Ready is a way people can gain the knowledge to navigate all those steps and have the confidence to move forward with home ownership sooner.”

HomeStart research on home-buying intentions found that prospective home buyers’ level of knowledge about the home-buying process is on average just 5.6 out of 10. A lack of understanding of the process was also rated one of the top three barriers to taking the next step towards homeownership. Findings also showed that of the whole buying process, participants were most stressed about applying for a loan, at 7.3 out of 10.

Home Buyer Ready consists of a series of 15-minute learning modules, including blogs and videos. They help potential home buyers demystify steps such as settlement, costs, and conveyancing, while also offering handy hints, such as changing addresses, giving notice to the landlord, moving, and getting power connected to their new home.

“Many people wonder whether they’ve saved enough for a deposit, which loans are available and whether they qualify, or whether they can access any concessions, grants or other assistance,” Mills said. “Our Home Buyer Ready program takes them through those steps to ensure they are just that – ready to buy a home.”     

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