How do brokers generate leads?

Two words that will go a long way: Lead magnet

How do brokers generate leads?


By Jonathan Russell

Luckily, there are many different ways mortgage brokers can generate leads. While a good lead generation strategy will combine both tried-and-true methods with the decidedly more high-tech, the result is the same: to provide potential customers with information that is valuable to them in exchange for either their business or their contact info. Here is everything you need to know about how brokers generate leads.

Create a super valuable lead magnet first

If you are a broker and want to generate leads, it is important to differentiate between a legitimate lead and a potential customer. A legitimate lead is essentially an individual who has provided you with their contact information, so you are able to reach out to them directly. A potential customer, on the other hand, is a person who is a member of your target audience. This means that in order to generate leads and attract more people to your services, you want to convert potential customers into leads by procuring their contact information. In online marketing, this usually means by getting their email.

Typically, you will have to provide them with valuable information to get anyone’s contact info. This is where your lead magnet becomes so vital—something you provide for free to potential customers in exchange for their contact info like emails. A lead magnet must be accessible online or from a potential customer’s phone, such as an ebook, a report, a masterclass, a webinar, an app, or a podcast. 

The most important thing about your lead magnet is that it provides a solution to an issue your potential customer may be struggling with and that you have the answer to, as a mortgage broker. These issues range from what customers need to know before applying for a mortgage, to common mistakes that occur when applying, to the pros and cons of applying directly versus using a broker, and more.

Content marketing

Content marketing is perhaps the most popular method to market your services online. It is a great way to generate leads by creating free content online that is valuable to your potential customers and can be consumed at their convenience. You can also market in any number of forms, such as written articles, a podcast, or a video. YouTube is an especially popular platform, especially among millennials, 58% of whom said it is their preferred platform for learning about financial topics. 

When done properly, content marketing will incorporate SEO, or search engine optimization, which will make it easier for prospective clients to find you. You will also have to answer specific questions relating to your industry, in a straightforward way that uses the tone and voice of your brand, as well as be engaging. It is also important to provide valuable information before you ask anything of your customer, such as their contact info.

Buying leads

If you have the budget to do so, you can buy mortgage leads to guarantee the most appropriate candidates. So how does it work? After you have provided them with a small fee and the relevant information, mortgage lead sellers will provide you with a list of potential clients for you to contact. You then reach out to the potential client with information that is valuable to them.

Create a Google My Business

Google My Business, or GMB, is a great way to get started with local SEO, which can help you to focus on people in your area. You simply need to register your business with Google to get started. After you have set up your page, you input contact information like phone number and email, provide your operating hours, and your service offerings, plus photos of your company, content, and more. Google Maps will then list your business automatically. If a potential client were to then Google search “mortgage lenders” in your region, you will have a better chance of showing up higher in their search results.

If all goes well, then you can request reviews from previous customers by sending them a link to your Google My Business page. If you can accrue good reviews, Google will recommend your business through its search results.

Write a book about mortgage

One of the more advanced lead generation techniques on this list, writing a book about mortgages requires you to actually write a book, market it, and rank it on Amazon. An easy way to beginning the process is to pick a topic related to your niche, read other books with a related topic, and decide how you can improve upon them. To simplify this, you can read customer reviews and track any issues that seem to arise over and over.

Attend local industry events

While it is admittedly a less high-tech way to generate leads than creating a Google My Business account, mortgage brokers must attend local industry events. It is a great way to build a reputation in your local community. These events usually come in the form of real estate meet-ups or real estate conferences, among others. Most importantly, though, is that you add value in these places rather than extract it. Listen to people, show genuine curiosity, and provide free advice where possible.

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