How LNS is keeping up with the times

And how its helping brokers brave today's challenging economic environment

How LNS is keeping up with the times


By Mina Martin

Liberty Network Services is helping brokers brave today’s challenging economic environment by helping them in all stages of their career and investing heavily in many aspects of their daily business operations, said Brendan O’Donnell, managing director at LNS.

One way the broking network ensures its brokers will continue to thrive no matter what the economy throws at them is by turning them into a key resource for their customers and communities.

“We work with advisers to combine their years of experience and expertise with up-to-date financial insights to deliver effective engagement programs with potential prospects and existing clients,” O’Donnell said. “The goal is to position them as so much more than a broker.”

Creating these uber brokers requires not just leveraging the wider network but also technology, which has rapidly progressed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with no signs of slowing down.

“When it comes to business growth, the trick is making sure the system you have is robust, improves your productivity and helps you work smarter,” O’Donnell said. “Beyond this, brokers need technology that embraces diversification of asset classes and supports them to meet their compliance obligations.”

Just as important for brokers is to retain the human element within all new systems.

“Despite the benefits of remote work and the ability to engage digitally using several trusted platforms, brokers still want and need face-to-face interaction and support from their BDMs,” O’Donnell said.

To offer advisers greater support, LNS has invested in providing them with more network sales managers.

“We recognise having the right mix of in-person and digital engagement is crucial,” O’Donnel said.

Another key ingredient to LNS’ ability to punch above its weight in the aggregator space is its internal culture – its strong focus on connecting its adviser community across the country.

“We strive to provide advisers the best of both worlds – enjoying the freedom of running their own business while connecting to a larger collegiate group that provides support, care, and motivates and celebrates,” O’Donnell said.

“I have an amazing team at LNS who are passionate, committed, resourceful and always learning and executing new and better ways to help advisers succeed.”

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