How Success&Broker helps brokers face challenges

Its programs help brokers kickstart and revitalise their career and set them on the path to lasting success

How Success&Broker helps brokers face challenges


By Mina Martin

Success&Broker, a new venture by Ruan and Kylie Burger, talked about the company’s range of programs that address and combat specific challenges facing mortgage brokers.

One of S&B’s programs is the Broker Journal, aka the “exercise program for finance professionals.” It is a mindset tool intended to encourage brokers to challenge themselves and develop their circle of influence and assists them in building their arsenal. 

“The Broker Journal is like a gym membership – great for the ones that commit, show up, and engage. Knowledge isn’t power, but applied knowledge is,” Ruan said.

“As mortgage brokers, we all go on this exciting journey when we initially bring on a new client, but there is a point in time where clients may consider leaving their broker, even raving fans. We need to learn ways to retain clients – it’s much easier than attracting new clients. It sounds simple, but it takes practice; that’s where the Broker Journal fills the gap. It will also help with the dreaded D-word: declines. The Broker Journal encourages you to investigate your loan process so when you ask yourself the question, ‘How could I have handled that better?’, you will know.”

Another is the REACH Program, which will see S&B team member Denise Roach, offering yet another dimension to leadership and management through team and individual development tools,” Kylie said.

“Life and learning is not something you can ‘set and forget’,” Roach said. “The REACH Program is for those who need to retain, sustain, and improve performance. It’s for those who step into a leadership role to learn how to empower their team to make great choices, work ethically and happily, and help their team grow professionally. It’s intended for medium to large businesses.”

To ensure the long-term success of a mortgage broker’s career, S&B offers State of Play, to help them spell out the culture they want to see and implement a strategy to make this happen – especially during these times when the world is experiencing a “Great Resignation.”

“We may be as bold as to say that the long-term success of your mortgage broking career will depend on the strengths of you,” Ruan said. “Our State of Play is a helicopter review built to empower you to challenge yourself, to reflect on your why, how, and when; it’s for those who are time-poor and want to know they are moving in the right direction. It’s intended for any business, any size, single operator to many.”

To help brokers manage the daily grind of creating business and wealth as well as the demands of the family, S&B has the Pathway Program.

“Our Pathway Program is the beginning of this union,” Kylie said. “It comes down to finding the balance to allow for future growth. When you’re ready for brand and identity, start pushing yourself to reflect and fulfil your growth potential and future vision through strategising your moves. It’s intended for one-man bands and small brokerages.”

S&B also offers the Proventus Program, which will enable brokers to identify the factors that drive business – developing the soft skills that bring in the hard dollars.

“Working with Success&Broker has given us a clearer vision and direction; they’ve walked the walk in our industry,” Jai Hobbs of Evolve said. “Sharing information in the Proventus Group has allowed the process to speed up and open up new opportunities that might not have ever been identified.”

 “They [The Proventus Group] offer support, guidance and share knowledge freely; they are the best kind of people and a true testament to the culture that can exist if we focus on raising people up and being the best versions of ourselves,” Ruan said. “We assist small to medium businesses who are ready to transition with the development of routines, behaviours and mindsets that make not only great loan writers but influential future industry leaders and human beings; it’s about building a legacy.”

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