In the hot seat: Daniel Hustwaite

Daniel Hustwaite, principal at Aqua Financial Services, discusses the biggest challenges for brokers in these uncertain times of COVID-19, and how fi nancial services are working to improve consumer experiences

In the hot seat: Daniel Hustwaite



Q: What inspired you to become a broker?

A: I felt that working in the mortgage broking industry would be a great way to enhance the customer experience when obtaining a loan for a property purchase.

Q:What are some of the biggest challenges facing your industry at this time?

A: As much as we have specific challenges at the moment, it is just as important to note that these same challenges also create significant opportunities for our industry as a whole. The biggest challenge as of today is quite obviously the fluid nature of the impact of the coronavirus on the industry.

Clearly, this directly impacts our client engagement processes, and we are actively managing this with our staff and customers. Banks are already taking steps to assist the broker channel in addressing the direct impacts, with changes to policies, such as verification of identity, to make it easier to interact with clients online where possible, rather than in person. Clients are now having to be more proactive in reviewing their circumstances and options in light of recent developments, particularly given the potential economic downside risks. We see this as an opportunity for our industry to ensure consistent and proactive engagement with our clients to support them in saving money.

Q: What sets Aqua Financial Services out from the crowd?

A: Aqua has long prided itself on its customer service ethos, and we try to go the extra mile for our customers. We have a specific approach to post-settlement support, which we believe provides a service that not only lets our customers feel valued but ultimately helps them save money in the long run.

Q: What’s been one of your biggest career accomplishments?

A: I would say that my biggest accomplishment would be building a great team of people who I really enjoy working with every day.

Q: How do you best support your customers?

A: We ensure the customer is always front of mind, and we aim to help mitigate their risks to ensure that we protect their financial interests as best we can.

We also have a direct focus on our post-settlement support processes to ensure our clients are looked after and therefore retained over the long term.

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