Invest in new brokers and reap benefits, says major aggregator

by Julia Corderoy20 Aug 2014
A major aggregator, who has experienced record growth this year, says a big part of its success comes from investing in the recruitment and training of new brokers.

Vow Financial CEO, Tim Brown told Australian Broker that recruiting brokers who are new to the industry gives the workplace a facelift. 

“We refer to new brokers as ‘YKH’ – young, keen and hungry. They want to learn and they want to prove themselves.

“Recruiting new brokers also energise our more experienced brokers – not only through new competition, but because a workplace can become stale. When you have new people coming into the office with different experiences and fresh ideas, it injects energy back into the office. It becomes infectious.”

Brown says that Vow takes great pride in investing into strong professional training and development programs. This forms a crucial part of its recruitment strategy, especially when it comes to new brokers.

“Some of the training programs on offer in the market don’t focus enough on sales. The sales component is just as important as the theory and technical component in the broking industry. 

“We spend time training new brokers on things such as how to start a cold call, engage with clients over the phone, and how they can start to get out there and generate leads. We also go through successful marketing templates, search engine optimisation, newsletters and social media.”

In supporting the recruitment of new brokers to the industry and investing in strong training and development programs, your business will really reap the benefits, says Brown.

“We are definitely seeing a real benefit to our business by investing in solid training and development programs for our brokers. Our productivity levels are increasing and our business is growing. In the last 18 months, 30% of our business now comes from new broker groups.”