Investors find new solutions to provide homes

A property group has seen buyers looking at options to provide affordable homes

Investors find new solutions to provide homes


By Rebecca Pike

A property group has said it has seen a rise in the number of buyers looking to infill as a way of providing more affordable homes.

Infill is the process of subdividing large blocks of land or existing properties in already established areas.

According to Gemmill Homes it comes at a time when first home buyers are struggling to impact the property market and investors are looking for high returns.

Managing director Craig Gemmill said it is becoming increasingly popular as it provides a better opportunity for investors, more affordable property for first home buyers and takes the pressure of local government to continually provide more services to newly created suburbs.

“With the urban sprawl, as people move further and further away, more infrastructure such as trains and shopping centres are required to service these people,” Gemmill added.

“There’s obviously longer travel times for work too for people living so far away, and that’s why infill has become popular.

“People are looking at suburbs with established infrastructure, shops, train stations, bus networks, hospitals and schools.

“The people that have these bigger blocks now can subdivide and put one, two or three houses on them. It’s a great opportunity for investors.”

Gemmill says building practices have advanced to the stage where subdivision and developing multiple properties is now easier than ever. The group has streamlined its processes to handle all the aspects as it becomes more popular.

“It’s not complicated like people think,” Gemmill explained. 

“The processes that the builders have developed has matured over the last 10-15 years, so they can take care of every aspect for you.

“Now it is really a one stop shop, when before it wasn’t. There used to be so many pieces to the puzzle.

“Before the client had to do a lot on their own. That has all changed. Now we can do everything for them. From demolition, to drawing up plans, liaising with councils, we can handle every aspect.”

Gemmill says now is a great time for buyers to be looking at Infill as an option, with APRA having removed the cap on lending regulations.

“The initial investment to those contemplating infill is just time,” Gemmill said.

“But the returns are there for investors. First home buyers are looking for a way to get into the market and infill provides affordable homes, close to the city.

“It’s a real winner for all parties.”

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