Kiwis launch record class action lawsuit against big four

by Mackenzie McCarty12 Mar 2013
“Although the amounts ($15 to $35) sting you, because litigation is expensive it has not been worth taking the banks on by yourself. In Australia, lawyers have launched class actions valued at about $280 million to recover these fees. We think it's time for New Zealanders to band together and stand up to the banks.”

There is nothing to lose, claims the site, and no upfront cost.

“If you've been hit by one or more of these fees over the past six years, all you need to do is sign up. Unlike the banks, we're not about to charge you fees for no obvious gain. Instead, Litigation Lending Services (NZ) will fund all the legal costs, in exchange for a right for them to be reimbursed if the claim succeeds along with 25% of the compensation."

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