La Trobe Financial unveils new fintech offering

Specialist lender La Trobe Financial has announced the launch of a new digital investment platform



Specialist lender La Trobe Financial has announced it is making its investment opportunities more accessible through the launch of a new investment platform.

Launched this week, La Trobe Direct is a digital platform aimed at giving La Trobe clients greater control over and access to their investment portfolio.

La Trobe Direct currently operates across La Trobe’s Classic 48 Hour and 12 Month Term investment accounts and investors with a real time overview and control over their portfolios.

“La Trobe Direct allows investors to enjoy competitive investment rates, view investment transactions, set up a regular savings plan, view account balances and manage interest distribution flows on a 24/7 basis,” La Trobe Financial chief investment officer Chris Andrews said.

“La Trobe Direct is easily accessible and operates on all devices including mobile phones,” Andrews said.

Investors will be able to verify and authenticate investment decision through the platform, which La Trobe Financial believes will effectively eliminate the need for paperwork.

Andrews said La Trobe plans for the all of its investment options offered through its credit fund to operate with in the new platform, with its ‘Peer to Peer’ Select Investment and  High Yield Investment Account expected to be integrated into La Trobe Direct by the end of 2016.

According to La Trobe Financial, its credit fund is currently worth $1.23bn and has more than 24,000 retail investors participating in it, with the launch of La Trobe Direct expected to see those numbers grow.

“Our credit fund’s objective is to protect investors’ capital and the La Trobe Direct online capability is true to this philosophy, as well as adding a further dimension to our offering which will attract different demographics to the credit fund moving forward,” La Trobe Financial president and chief executive officer Greg O’Neill said.

“The La Trobe Australian credit fund continues to attract significant investor attention across markets due to record low interest rates of comparative duration and risk profile products,” O’Neill said.

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