Lead generation company Uptick created to help brokers

New firm designed to shake up referrals

Lead generation company Uptick created to help brokers


By Jayden Fennell

A lead generation company for the mortgage and finance industry has launched on to the market, aiming to reinvent how brokers generate their leads.

Uptick Marketing (Uptick) was created by John Maxwell (pictured above left) and Oscar Zhuo (pictured above right) who both have extensive industry backgrounds.

Maxwell has built large national teams, owned and managed nine mortgage franchises and run multiple financial services businesses.  Zhuo previously worked in project management and was national operations manager for Sydney brokerage Award Global Capital.

Maxwell said the company had huge ambitions to reinvent how lead generation companies worked with brokers and had already aligned with an enviable list of top-of-industry partners.

“At Uptick, we believe brokers have lost trust in the lead generation industry which comes as no surprise to Oscar and I,” Maxwell said. “Most lead generation companies have no background in mortgage and finance broking and thus don’t have the intimate understanding in dealing with the finance process. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with brokers to maximise success from day one.”

Maxwell said after speaking to many brokers on their lead generation experiences, he saw a gap for a personable and education-based partnership with brokers and lenders.

“It’s one thing to know how to pick up the phone and call a referral lead but working with digital leads is a different ball game,” he said. “Our broker and lender partners are consistently experiencing conversation rates above 70% within the first one or two months because of our process.”

Maxwell said he was seeing more and more brokers scaling their businesses, particularly at the top of the industry.

“To do this, brokers need access to a lead funnel by ensuring there’s enough leads for their new brokers and also to supplement their own pipeline,” he said. “More importantly, a large portion of Australians are looking for their loans online – they are looking for a solution and a point of difference compared to the banks. It’s important brokers have access to these customers.”

Maxwell said lead generation enabled brokers to be part of a customer’s consideration set without having to invest a large portion of their time and energy into digital marketing.

“We are the experts in that – brokers can skip the legwork of generating new qualified leads and go straight to closing more deals,” he said.

“With my extensive background in tele-sales and mortgage broking, in any instant I can look at the health of a campaign and pinpoint any weaknesses in the sales process that we can work on together.

“I’m here to elevate the broker’s skills in following up, booking appointments, closing deals and even collecting documents – so each and every broker can achieve the best possible outcome for their investment.”

Zhuo said Uptick was here to help brokers close more deals.

“We have an extensive support team who are in the trenches with you,” Zhuo said.

“One of the areas that brokers struggle with is being able to connect with the customer early in the process. That’s where our team step in and conduct customer experience calls, which results in additional appointments for you. I look forward to working with many of my close industry colleagues and new acquaintances alike.”

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