Leader talks about how his aggregator business started

The business has grown into one of Australia's largest broking groups

Leader talks about how his aggregator business started


By Mina Martin

Ten years after Finsure was established in 2011, Managing Director John Kolenda shared with Australian Broker how the business started.

Having started out as a broker, Kolenda said he found gaps in the market which pushed him to “set out to establish an aggregation business from the view of the broker.”

“I hired a team of about 25 people before we had a single broker, and that team had a lot of expertise across all of the different aspects of being able to deliver broad and comprehensive solutions to brokers,” he said.

Kolenda highlighted the importance of having a vision and a purpose.

“I think you know all great companies have a vision and a purpose, and unless they're clearly defined and you know why you exist, I think you could get lost, so I set up and really put a lot of work into this,” Kolenda said.

So, what’s the purpose behind Finsure?

Kolenda said it really is “to make a positive difference in lives about brokers.” Another is “to be acknowledged as the most respected financial services partner” by its brokers, staff, and business partners “for the insights the innovation and the expertise” they bring to the table.

“And that's why if you put a whole team together, if you're going to deliver on that, you'd need to be able to execute the vision,” he said.


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