Learning the 180-degrees way

Why a culture of learning should be fostered among your staff

Learning the 180-degrees way



Why a culture of learning should be fostered among your staff

At Sintex we have a diverse team, with each member bringing something different to what we do.

There are also similarities among the team, namely that each person who works here has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone in taking on new tasks, achieving the biggest learning curve of their careers. It is challenging, exciting and frightening all at the  same time, but the key here is that they were prepared to accept the challenge and take a leap of faith in their teammates, allowing themselves to become vulnerable.

This type of trust builds an incredible team. It creates belief in oneself and also facilitates the opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

I believe everything and everyone can be taught; there are no ‘specialists’ in life. While some may have experiences that afford them foresight, this does not make them better equipped to manage a job than someone who has passion and dedication and is willing t  listen and take on board what is presented to them.

Asking questions – the right questions – and being a responsive listener goes a long way in life and business. So, if you are prepared to walk the ‘pavement’ and make yourself vulnerable, welcome the ‘magic’ that will unfold. 

‘Balancing life’ is a cliché that’s often referenced, yet it is a very important aspect of business. I say business because without people we have no business. It’s important to remember that while we have deadlines, customers, targets, service level agreements and everything that revolves around achieving the bottom line that we have set our eye on, it’s the team and each individual that will deliver that. Your team, your staff, our team – all need to know that family comes first, hence the reference to balancing life.

Give [yourself] time out regularly to feed that passion. By doing this, it provides clarity and serenity

When this is known and everyone has peace of mind, the efficiencies increase subconsciously. Each person knows what needs to be done and they deliver. They also know that you have each other’s backs, when and if the need comes, to take care of the most precious thing in life … their family.

Most of us have passion and dreams, but we seldom share them, especially with our work colleagues. This is part of our psyche, so ignoring it or allowing it to smoulder slowly is allowing a fire to burn out. It’s important to ensure that we don’t get trapped on that merry-go-round that just keeps spinning, and that we give ourselves time out regularly to feed that passion. By doing this, it provides clarity and serenity. Encourage this among your staff/teams.

We have staff members who are passionate about photography, dancing, innovation and technology, animals and fishing, and each of these topics is discussed in the office daily.

Sharing in other people’s interests allows you to see them in a different light, and this extends your relationship. It’s the same with your customers. Remembering their children’s names and the things that are important to them shows that you have listened and that you care about what’s important to them. It is the small things that make a difference.

My passion is equality and raising the quality of life of others, especially children.

I am also very passionate about the Sintex team and their personal development. For me, it’s imperative that collectively we take on board things that are important to us, including processes that expedite and streamline what we need to do at work, but more so, that we empower each person to guide that change while they engage with key parties.

We are all a ‘collective’ in various things we do, and it is important to allow opportunities of magic to enter our lives. In doing so, this may mean that we have to step out of our comfort zones and place trust in others. Explore opportunities and take on feedback to help you be where you want to be, when you want to be there.

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