Lender hikes interest rates by 20bps

by Rebecca Pike11 Jan 2019

A lender has increased home loan interest rates, as experts predict this trend will continue in 2019.

Virgin Money today announced changes to its variable rates for all existing principal and interest (P&I) and interest only (IO) home loans, increasing rates by 20 basis points (bps).

The group said the majority of standard variable rates for new home loan applications will remain unchanged, with only a few set to increase.

Virgin Money also announced it is reducing fixed rates by between 5bps and 10bps for the following products:

  • Two and three year fixed rates for owner occupier principal and interest loans over $300,000 with an LVR of 90% and under; and
  • Two and three year fixed rates for investment interest only loans with an LVR of 90% and under.

Click here for a full list of rate changes.

Virgin Money’s general manager, lending, cards & deposits, Johnny Lockwood, said, “The decision to increase interest rates is never easy.

“We have absorbed higher funding costs for the last twelve months in order to delay the impact for our home loan customers. Unfortunately, funding costs remain high and are likely to remain elevated into the foreseeable future."

The interest rate changes are effective Friday, 11 January 2019.


  • by Troy 12/01/2019 10:05:41 AM

    Vote with you feet people lot of other institutions what you money just as much .

  • by Unknown 14/01/2019 9:01:58 AM

    The honestly and transparency is appreciated unlike other lenders with smoke and mirrors. This is the first of many lenders to move no doubt with current lending conditions, let's hope other lenders take the same approach with being honest and transparent, doubt it though.