Lender launches multimillion-dollar campaign

by Madison Utley24 Feb 2020

Australia’s largest non-bank lender has launched a multimillion-dollar national campaign to bolster its brand, built around "supporting and celebrating the lives of everyday Australians".

Pepper Money's 'Real Life' campaign was inspired by the group's own customer data and insights, stemming from the understanding of how real life events impact Australians’ lives and how individually-tailored financial solutions can help them secure a positive outcome.

According to Mario Rehayem, Pepper Money CEO for Australia and New Zealand, the non-bank’s brand has always focused on "being a real and fresh alternative" to the banks; now, the group wants to draw more attention to its message of taking a personalised approach to borrowers’ individual situations. 

“Pepper Money’s brand has evolved and, after two decades, it is time to showcase the people we represent – real-life Australians. We’re proud to be launching tomorrow across a wide range of media our anthemic celebration to Australians facing the highs and lows of real life," he said. 

“A warning though: the catchy title tune, sung by Lloyd Allison-Young is a real earworm. My kids can’t stop humming it, and I find myself singing it in the shower," he added. 

The campaign centres on a music video described as "a tongue-in cheek Aussie parody of American Jake Owens’ song of the same name, Real Life". It was directed by Australian Stuart Bowen and features local actors Lloyd Allison-Young and Margarita Gershkovich in the lead roles with cameo appearances from 20 Pepper employees, including GM of mortgages and commercial lending, Aaron Milburn.

The campaign is comprehensive, kicking off tomorrow with a takeover of YouTube and Nine Publishing’s digital mastheads, but continuing with a national TV and major metro radio campaign over the next three months, in addition to outdoor and social media advertising.

“The world keeps changing and Pepper Money is keeping pace with the breadth of customers we now support. Indeed, for many of them, the nine-to-five job is a thing of the past. Increasingly, they’re having to adapt to new ways of working, being self-employed, working later in life, and working multiple jobs," said Pepper Money chief customer experience officer, Joanne Thrift. 

The campaign is intended to celebrate the group's customers "in all their wonderful diversity", and to position the brand as the solution to the "rapidly-evolving needs of Aussie mortgage borrowers".

“A brand campaign of this type is a first for Pepper Money, and the close relationship we have with our longstanding creative and media partners has allowed us to create such a standout campaign," Thrift added. 

"I believe this will set Pepper Money apart from Australian banks and the other non-bank lenders in the market and clearly demonstrates that Pepper Money gets that real life happens."