Lender launches ‘scenarios support’ channel

by Madison Utley09 Apr 2019

A non-bank lender has launched a new service to provide its network with direct access to personalised support, so that brokers are able to get timely and accurate information to their customers.

Resimac’s Scenarios Support provides brokers with an additional point of contact with the lender for clarification and additional information across the full range of products.

Daniel Carde, GM of third party distribution said, “Resimac’s comprehensive product range includes specialist loans, which do often require additional guidance to ensure a well packaged application is presented for assessment. This is precisely the type of scrutiny that the team can assist with.

“We anticipate Scenarios Support becoming a key solution for our broker network.”

The lender has launched a dedicated email account, monitored by the Scenarios Support team who are able to accept and respond to broker queries, even outside of business hours.

“A broker could email a query to the Scenarios Support team before they go home at night, for example, and have a response in their inbox the next morning,” explained Carde.

The team on call is highly experienced and can provide clarification around credit policy, maximum LVR and loan amounts, postcode restrictions, as well as income and employment.