Liberty Network Services commits to quality

"Bigger is not necessarily better", says managing director

Liberty Network Services commits to quality


By Madison Utley

While other broker groups have been drilling down on aggresive recruitment or participating in the string of acquisitions rocking the sector, one boutique aggregator has made its stance clear: “bigger is not necessarily better.”

Libert Network Services (LNS) managing director Brendan O'Donnell explained the group’s “truly unique culture” – defined by support and inclusivity – is worth protecting.

“Since day one, Liberty Network Services has placed the needs of our advisers as a top priority. What has grown from this is a truly unique culture that places advisers in the centre of all that we do,” he said.

“Remaining boutique is what allows us to continue this standard of service. Rather than focusing on the numbers, we’re committed to onboarding advisers who are the right fit for our network, because we understand the value of protecting our dynamic and engaging culture.”

O'Donnell identified the “tireless efforts and generous spirit” of LNS’ dedicated adviser group as being the solid base from which the community has been built.

“At LNS, we’ve worked hard to foster an environment that focuses on peer support – and we’re incredibly proud of the sense of unity and camaraderie that courses through our community,” he said.

“While many choose this career path on the promise of freedom and independence, the reality is that without the right support, it can be a lonely road. Having worked in the industry for many years, I can say with confidence that the culture at LNS is unlike any other I have encountered.”

While growth for growth’s sake is not, and will never be, a priority at LNS, O'Donnell expects the group’s culture to be a natural "catalyst for expansion”.

“As 2021 ramps up, we continue to explore new opportunities to support our advisers to achieve their business goals and deliver the personalised support that our network has come to expect,” O’Donnell explained.

“At LNS, we work closely with our advisers to help them provide the kind of support customers are looking for. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this, but it’s about understanding their needs, being open, available and flexible – and willing to go the extra mile to secure a great customer outcome.

“Our aim is to continue to build lasting professional partnerships with our advisers so that we can help them to reach new levels of success within their businesses. With tailored training and ongoing mentorship, we are always looking for more ways to add value to our adviser network.”

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