Liberty offering greater flexibility post-pandemic

"We recognise that every customer situation is unique," group sales manager says

Liberty offering greater flexibility post-pandemic


By Mina Martin

Non- bank lender Liberty recognises that providing flexibility to customers is important and will become even more so as the economy opens up after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The non-bank has been offering flexible solutions for home, car, business, personal, as well as commercial and SMSF loans for nearly 25 years now.

“We anticipate more customers will be looking for alternative and flexible ways to manage their finances, or for better ways to tackle existing debt,” said John Mohnacheff, group sales manager at Liberty. “For brokers, these kinds of scenarios provide a real opportunity to help people in meaningful ways.”

Greater flexibility is required as the economy bounces back from COVID-19 and to counter possible negative factors, such as rising interest rates, geopolitics, or natural disasters.

“Specialist lenders like Liberty are well suited to providing credit throughout these periods of change and uncertainty, thanks to the custom nature of our assessment methods,” Mohnacheff said.

Liberty can provide an alternative for customers that may not fit the requirements of major lenders. Its product range aims to fill a gap in the market and provide tailored solutions with flexible LVRs.

“We recognise that every customer situation is unique, and assess each application on a case-by-case basis to ensure we get the full picture,” Mohnacheff said. “Whether a customer has historical credit issues, non-standard income or simply does things differently, together with brokers we help them find their best fit.”

Providing a more personalised approach is the biggest difference of specialist lending, and Liberty demonstrates this by tailoring the loan product to match the customer, rather than trying to make the customer’s circumstances match the loan product.

“Non-bank lenders have traditionally offered more flexible solutions and cater to a more diverse pool of customers,” Mohnacheff said.

And as demand for specialist loans grows, so does the importance of knowledge of specialist lending for brokers. To help broaden their understanding, Liberty offers brokers direct access to its credit team and actively helps newcomers.

“We’re dedicated to supporting brokers to learn about the opportunities available,” Mohnacheff said. “With the largest BDM team of all non-banks, Liberty is eager to assist any broker through their loan scenario and answer any questions.”

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