LMI provider develops online 'toolkit' to help brokers, borrowers understand the product

by AB11 Nov 2013

Genworth Australia has released an online ‘toolkit’ to assist with ‘increasing the knowledge base that lenders, brokers and borrowers have about LMI’.

The toolkit takes the form of an online knowledge hub featuring video content, webinars and case studies and includes cartoon videos covering topics as basic as ‘What is LMI?’ to case studies explaining how LMI works for various types of home-buyers.

Genworth says it developed the toolkit after the company identified a need to ‘raise awareness and understanding’ of LMI.

“This toolkit will be of great assistance to borrowers seeking to understand how LMI works and how it can help everyday Australians achieve home ownership sooner,” says Genworth’s chief commercial officer, Bridget Sakr.

“This multimedia knowledge hub is a dynamic resource and will be regularly updated with new material, content and tools, including short video clips designed specifically for the site.

“Genworth hopes that the toolkit will be a useful resource for all relevant parties around the property buying process.”