Loan books at big four come to a standstill

by Madison Utley01 May 2020

APRA data released yesterday has revealed that the majors' home loan books have come to a near standstill, with only one of the four registering any meaningful movement over the month of March.

CBA stood out from the rest having added $1.75bn to its loan book, with the vast majority of that growth occurring on the owner occupier side.

The loan books at Westpac and NAB remained virtually unchanged in their overall balance, although both recorded slight dips in investment lending with equivocal rises in the owner occupied category.

ANZ’s loan book was down just over $300m from the month before.

According to the March data, the value of total household lending is as follows:

CBA                       $449bn
Westpac                $408bn
NAB                       $261.5bn
ANZ                       $245.5bn

CBA and Westpac have both charted growth from mid last year, whereas NAB has held steady and ANZ’s home loan book has shrunk, according to APRA data from May 2019.  

Then, total household lending was as follows:

CBA                      $433bn 
Westpac                $418bn
NAB                      $261bn
ANZ                      $255.5bn