LoanKit acquisition made sense 'on a number of levels': Kolenda

by AB09 Sep 2013

Finsure’s recent acquisition of LoanKit made a splash in the broker space and Finsure director, John Kolenda, tells BrokerTV the move made sense for several different reasons.

“Since we started last year, there’ve been a number of acquisitions we’ve made and Finsure’s acquisition of LoanKit made a lot of sense on a number of different levels. One was it gave us size and scale, the other one was that there were a number of components or assets within each group that joined together that make it a very compelling proposition to our brokers and also to their consumers.”

Kolenda says the two businesses combined make a solid platform and the plan moving forward will be mainly concentrating on what they both individually do best, while capitalising on any opportunities produced by the new acquisition.

“Well I think…we have a very strong platform where we’ll use the assets of both entities to really bolster up our offering and we will keep them both separate. They also offer, in some regards, different channel opportunities for us to grow our broker acquisition and recruitment. So overall, we see both businesses running very well side-to-side.”

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