M & A specialist talks trail book demand

by Calida Smylie30 Apr 2014
Demand for mortgage trail books is highest in the country in southern Sydney, according to a merger and acquisitions specialist.

Radar Results principal John Birt told Australian Broker that south Sydney – and right down to Cronulla and Wollongong – is seeing the highest demand from those who want to buy mortgage books of any size.

“I’ve got a few people very keen to buy, and would pay two times the trail,” he said.

Radar Results is holding free workshops around the country for mortgage brokers, financial planners and accountants looking to sell within the next three years.

Industry experts give advice at the workshops including on how to value your business and find the right buyer in current market conditions, vendor trade restraints, transition periods, how to form sale contracts, and what can stop a sale.
“Brokers would really benefit because their business is sought after. They’ll learn what’s involved in buying and selling. There’s lots ways to structure revenue and payment terms, and there’s information about clawbacks,” Birt said.
The first is in Newcastle on 21 May, with other workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to follow.

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  • by Barney 30/04/2014 9:15:25 AM

    I really dont understand why anyone would sell their trail for 2 times. The Financial Planning industry pay 3 or more and there is a lot more ongoing work involved to maintain it (though an appreciating book if its in Super). I closed one book in 2005 and am still earning a good return today - 9 years later!

  • by mac 30/04/2014 12:21:08 PM

    Agree. 2 times phht! Value is more like 3.5 times IMO.

  • by Fair ed 3/05/2014 7:44:09 PM

    Closed your book 8 years ago and still leeching off a mortgage holder for no value in return.
    How proud you must be.
    Financial planning is a bum deal because you actually have to provide service and actual value for fee collected?!
    Enjoy the gravy boys, it cannot last forever.....