Major aggregator launches white label offering

by Julia Corderoy20 May 2015
Connective has officially launched its new range of white label home loan products under its ‘Connective Home Loans’ brand.

Revealed yesterday in Melbourne, at the first of five events to run around the country this week, the aggregator said the national roll-out of Connective Home Loans Smart Options and Connective Home Loans Essentials is set to deliver Connective brokers market leading customer rates, competitive commissions, comprehensive credit and BDM support, and confidence in client ownership.

Following recently announced arrangements with Macquarie and Advantedge, Connective’s new products provide Connective brokers an integrated dual funding approach, which will give brokers significant competitive advantage.

Connective’s general manger strategy distribution and digital, Steven Heavey says it is clear there is strong appetite for leading white label solutions as brokers are looking for ways to get ahead in today’s competitive market conditions.

“Research tells us that almost 1 in every 10 broker written loans are the brokers own branded product, and customers are embracing what a white label offering can provide,” he said.

“We’ve worked hard, both with our members and our new funders, to ensure that these new product ranges – Smart Options and Essentials – will deliver what our members asked for, and more.” 

Speaking at the Melbourne launch, head of Connective Home Loans, Michael Goerner addressed brokers’ desire to protect and maintain their client database.

“We know that there is massive competition from traditional and non-traditional players. We want to give you [brokers] the tools you need to deliver personalised service, and most importantly, credibility and client ownership.”

The national launch of Connective’s new white label product ranges continues across Australia for the coming week, with accreditation workshops running in parallel.


  • by Patrick 20/05/2015 11:04:18 AM

    The continued move by aggregators into product supply, ie vertical integration, will exacerbate calls for the banning of commission. What exactly will most brokers offer in return for a service fee, given the service they provide is really a client capture service for lenders? There appears to be a correlation between the rise of bank ownership of aggregators and the rise of vertical integration. Caught red-handed in the wealth services sector they slink off into a new area seeking more profit at everyone else's expense.

  • by Kym Dalton 20/05/2015 11:27:44 AM

    Patrick, very insightful. Thanks.

  • by Spring-A 20/05/2015 4:00:35 PM

    I wonder if the borrowers who are going into these white labelled products are told who exactly the lender is behind the transaction prior to signing the loan agreement and mortgage?

    I'm sorry but I think white labeling loans is deceptive conduct as there are legalities that borrowers should be made aware of in the beginning - like - if something goes wrong in the origination of the loan, who ends up who's agent, and who is the principal?

    This knowledge is pertinent as its the longest term and largest contract most borrowers ever go in to. Courts are ruling that brokers are agents of borrowers, but if the borrower is told that the broker is the lender... but they are not - it could be seen as misleading or deceptive. Just saying!