Major announces new competition for broker customers

by 05 Feb 2014
A major bank has introduced a new competition for customers lodging home loans through their mortgage broker.

Westpac announced yesterday their new Home Owns campaign, designed to offer customers the chance to own their own homes sooner.

Home loan customers who apply for a new Westpac home loan through their broker before April 30, with setlement before the end of June, will be elgible to receive one entry into a draw to win their interest paid for the first 12 months on their new home loan.

“Every day, right across Westpac’s mortgage broker distribution business, we're helping brokers to achieve their cleints dream of owning their own home sooner,” said Tony MacRae,general manager, Westpac mortgage broker distribution.

“This marks the start of an exciting new promotional offer continuing on from our existing Home Owns campaign: Westpac Retail and Business Banking is now offering brokers, customers, employees, contractors and their family the chance to own their own homes sooner with one year interest paid on their home loan when they take out a new home loan. “

MacRae says that this offer, combined with recent rate reductions and commission hikes offered to brokers, will continue to deepen and strengthen Westpac’s relationships with its broker and aggregator partners.

“In conjunction with our reduced 3 year fixed rate, changes to our upfront payable commission, additional Premier Advantage Package home loan discount offers, new direct Top Ups leads campaign, Broker mobile i-Pad App and our premium quality of service and passion for delighting our customers, these offers right now continue our long running support and commitment to the mortgage broker industry.”

The prize and draw includes 200 prizes on offer for customers applying for a new home loan.

The campaign will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign, focused on helping customers own their own homes sooner and including; a national TV ad - screening nationally from 3 February, radio, digital, outdoor print advertising and social media activity.


  • by Brett 5/02/2014 10:25:10 AM

    I'm sorry but unless the Westpac application process is simplified and brokers receive greater BDM and internal support for their applications, all the upfront commission changes mean very little. Get back to basics and fix the problems Westpac has struggled with for a long time. THEN and only then you may be able to build trust and confidence in the delivery.

  • by Melbourne Broker 5/02/2014 2:11:27 PM

    When will Westpac learn that it is about relationships - this includes BDMs, credit assessors and broker help line staff. Whenever they have a change at the top (which they seem to do fairly frequently) the same old stuff is rolled out and its just a case of "here we again". Yawn yawn. Without the changes alluded to by Brett, the broker channel will continue to treat Westpac with the contempt that they deserve.

  • by Broker 5/02/2014 5:53:05 PM

    All sweet under NCCP too ha!