MFAA calls for state council nominations

by AB12 Sep 2013

The MFAA is calling on members to get involved in the upcoming election of the group’s state councils being held next month.

Nominations are open to all members, will be officially called for on September 20 and will close on October 7.  The elections themselves will be held through an online independent ballot from October 10 to October 24, 2013.

“We are calling on all members in all states and territories to consider nominating themselves or other members who can contribute to the MFAA and our fast-growing industry, which is now providing 45% of home loans in Australia,” says MFAA CEO, Phil Naylor.

“The MFAA and the mortgage and finance industry can only have more meaningful profile in the financial services sector by creating active, high-powered state councils, with presidents who are part of our national board.”

Naylor says there are a number of major issues facing the industry, including the election of a new federal government and the finance sector inquiry that the MFAA has called for, focusing on the growing dominance of the major lenders and the departure of small and innovative lenders.

The MFAA is also concerned that there was a push under the previous government to further regulate a now well regulated sector.

“These are substantial issues that affect everyone in the industry and it is important that we have active and effective state councils to make our voice heard so I urge all of our members to nominate and vote,” says Naylor.