MFAA committed to helping brokers improve their online marketing

by Julia Corderoy17 Oct 2014
The MFAA’s consumer website, (formerly The Essentials of Borrowing) has seen organic traffic to the site surge by 200% in three months.

The website, targeted at consumers, is an initiative by the MFAA to drive broker referral searches. It features information about credit advisors and different loans, loan calculators, helpful articles and a database where consumers can find MFAA qualified brokers. In the last three months, broker search access has increased by 93.6%. 

MFAA member, Ashleigh Wight from Diversifi in Perth says, “Great to receive a call from a first home buyer saying they found our details on the MFAA website. Thank you for the support you provide to your mortgage brokers.”

The MFAA is now encouraging credit advisers to improve their digital marketing practices, to ensure they have a presence in the marketplace. To help its members do this, the MFAA has weekly, free professional content for all members to use and also free consultations with members about their website, marketing and social media approach.

Stephen Hale, head of marketing at the MFAA wants to reassure members that it takes little effort for big results.

“We wanted our members to see that the simple act of integrating consumer related stories and/or business information, takes as little as 20 minutes per month, but can increase awareness in their brand substantially,” he said.

“Many members are unsure what to do but as a first step, we encourage uploading of a few articles each month that are relevant to their business, which is a great way to increase traffic from the active online searches.”

Some of the top articles downloaded by consumers and businesses on the MFAA’s Mortgage and Finance Help website were: ‘No Savings? A Family Pledge Loan Could Help You Buy Your First Home’, ‘What to expect from your first meeting with a credit adviser’ and ‘5 Simple Ways to Increase Loan Repayments’.

The MFAA has also announced that the re-named site will have a new function that allows visitors to send an email to the members they search for so that busy credit advisers have a written record of the lead and can follow these up after appointments.

“Most credit advisers don’t realise that people are quite anxious about making a phone call whereas sending an email is much less daunting. We feel this added value to our members will see their recent success continue,” Hale said.



  • by Matt M 17/10/2014 9:16:23 AM

    Emily is amazing! She helped me fix my website - thanks MFAA!

  • by Lets think about this 17/10/2014 10:00:19 AM

    How does one get 200% of something? It is a mathematical impossibility...
    The FBAA has been offering the same media releases to their members since January this year. It would be nice to see the MFAA do something original and show us the point of difference for their brokers.

  • by Stephen Hale - MFAA 20/10/2014 11:00:25 AM

    Hi Let's. The article clearly states that there is a 200% increase in website traffic which has converted to just under a doubling of broker member searches. I assure you that is mathematically possible and measured.
    As for the free professionally written content it is not a media release or a PR template as you can see from the list. The MFAA is the only association in the industry offering such a volume and variety of information that can bolster websites, newsletters and social media traffic to generate leads. We are issuing three stories each week targeting both consumer and business clients. If you have any questions feel free to call me on 0438655046.