MFAA launches intensive training program for female brokers

by Julia Corderoy05 Jan 2016

The Mortgage and Finance Professionals of Australia (MFAA) have launched a new intensive training program specifically for female mortgage and finance brokers.

Partnering with recognised leadership developer Gillian Fox, the six-month WIMBN:SOLD Leadership Development (Advancing Women) program has been launched with the aim of improving women’s ability to become more successful business owners.

“Many female entrepreneurs work extremely hard yet are not always achieving their goal to make their value visible when it comes to differentiating themselves and continue to grow their business,” Gillian Fox said.

The program includes four workshops and two individual sessions which will equip women with the tools and practical information needed to accelerate their operational growth. The course also includes guest speakers and will challenge participants to create a career development plan for the future.

With many brokers operating as solo business owners, the chief executive of the MFAA, Siobhan Hayden, said the intensive program will help female brokers leverage their position in the mortgage and finance industry.

“Promoting conversations about priorities, establishing new referral partners through influencing and decision-making on business diversification are all top of mind for brokers. A lot are solo business owners and I believe that the program will help them to achieve their professional goals,” Hayden said.

As the mortgage and finance industry is beginning to be represented by more and more women, Fox said opportunities like this are important. 

“I see more women in leadership in the finance industry growing. The aim is to create more opportunities for women to expand their influence within the sector.”


  • by Paul Liccione, GM Sales & Distribution, eChoice 5/01/2016 8:53:42 AM

    Great initiative Siobhan. We've been working hard in this area ourselves and have been rewarded with almost 65% of our new brokers in a record breaking 6 month period being women. As successful as our initiatives have been, I welcome all additional resources which further the success of women in finance.

  • by Bottom line.... 5/01/2016 10:30:22 AM

    Why does it make difference to training, whether your male or female... Fills up MFAA's day/time I guess.

  • by Perth Broker 5/01/2016 2:57:01 PM

    What is going on here? Why is this discriminatory action permitted?

    First we have Women in Mortgage Broking and now we have this rubbish - what about males do we not have any training requirements etc?

    Sorry MFAA this is not on!